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A must-have for an effective and 100% natural skincare routine! This serum enriched with prebiotics stimulates the natural cell regeneration process for a healthy, hydrated and plumpy skin.

I discover

Active ingredients

100% natural origin


Clean, Vegan and without irritating ingredients


Eco-friendly, Recycled and Recyclable, Plant-based ink

Proven effectiveness

Clinical tests carried out by independent laboratories


100% made in France



Ce sérum est parfait pour les peaux sensibles et avec rosacee. Je l’utilise tous les jours depuis un mois et demi et mes rougeurs sont apaisées et mes imperfections disparues!


J'utilise cette brume depuis 1 mois maintenant et je la trouve magique, vraiment, dès les 1ers jours d'utilisation j'ai pu remarquer le changement sur ma peau. Ma peau est équilibrée sans avoir besoin d'appliquer plusieurs crèmes. Ayant une peau à tendance mixte, j'apprécie de l'utiliser, simple et efficace, ma peau ne brille plus. Mes enfants de 9ans et 11ans l'utilisent aussi et je dois dire que c'est parfait pour leur peau, cela a gommé les 1ères imperfections de mon pré-ado, je recommande vivement !!


Super sérum pour les peaux sensibles !! Ma peau est hydratée et apaisée, je recommande 😊


An ideal serum. Both as a serum for optimal hydration and as a refreshing mist. When the weather's nice, I keep my product cool. I even use it as a makeup-fixing mist.

Audrey LB

Used by my daughter, a middle-school student, the serum mist erased all the harmful effects that adolescence was depositing on the skin of her face! Try the acne serum mist... it's magic!

Sónia Dias

I had been looking for a product like this for a long time, I tried even the most expensive creams and serums, this one was really what I was looking for, convenient, non-greasy, with excellent absorption and leaving the skin with an ideal finish! My favorite!

Kassandra Roesslinger

The best serum mist !!!! Sincerely the smell is incredible and the effects were immediate on my skin. I have a stressed and dehydrated tendency and I use it morning and night and as a make up fixer 🤩 I'm totally addicted to it!!! I can't see myself using any other serum than this one!  Moisturizing as it should be and fresh on the face I love it!


I love this mist serum, a wonderful discovery for me. Its texture is fine, light and, above all, it's not sticky.I love its moisturizing and smoothing properties and, above all, my skin is clear with fewer imperfections. I highly recommend it, I'm very satisfied, it's sublime!


J’aime tout dans ce sérum… l’odeur, sa douceur, son hydratation. Cette brume vient de poser comme une seconde peau, un voile de rafraîchissement et de confort. Je ne m’en passe pas et je l’applique parfois plusieurs fois par jour lorsque la peau me tire, c’est un moment plaisir dans ma routine beauté. A la maison, au bureau ou en voiture avec ces chaleurs il me suis partout. Je recommande !


I love everything about this serum... the scent, its softness, its hydration. This mist feels like a second skin, a veil of refreshment and comfort. I can't do without it, and sometimes apply it several times a day when my skin feels tight. It's a pleasure to use as part of my beauty routine. At home, in the office or in the car in these hot weather conditions, it follows me everywhere. I can't recommend it enough!


I've been testing this product for 1 month and I really like it! It's a quicker, more hygienic way of applying serum, gives me a fresh complexion in the morning and soothes my skin in the evening. I also use it to refresh my complexion during the day :) Thank you Zested for this effective serum, which is easy to use and smells great!


Zested has totally helped me rediscover the desire to take care of my skin... I couldn't find any beauty products that suited my skin type and were suitable for daily use. Simplicity mixed with quality! Many thanks Zested!


I'm on my second bottle 😍 The scent, the hydration of the skin, and its practical spray side make it an indispensable product in my skincare routine!


Excellent product


This mist is really refreshing and moisturizing at the same time. I apply it in the morning to gently wake up my skin. A great innovation. My skin is supple and fine lines are reduced. I'm completely satisfied and I recommend


Personally, I'm not a fan of creams in the heat, I feel like I'm dripping afterwards. With this spray serum, my routine has changed for the better, the format is just perfect, there's no need to spread with the fingers, the texture is light and refreshing for well-moisturized skin, you can't ask for more! ++ a top makeup base and fixative too... I recommend without hesitation ☀️

Franciane Gazzini

I love this multi-purpose mist with its bewitching fragrance. I use it to fix make-up, during the day to moisturize my skin and to rebalance it when I have a few irritations or pimples.I used to suffer from rosacea, but now my skin is incredibly clear and comfortable. To try it is to adopt it!


Great product, 100% natural.
We went on vacation in the sun, and I was out of aftershave... Zested literally saved my skin. Immediate and refreshing effect.


A product that's quick, easy and combines everything. Suitable for the whole family. I use it every morning and evening! A must-have for me.


Ce sérum est un soin plaisir avant tout, J aime sa texture, son odeur et sa facilité d emploi. Etant une personne senior, ma peau est plus lumineuse, avec un aspect plus lisse. J en suis enchantée et l offre en cadeau a mes amies.


I've been using this skincare product for a while and frankly it's a wonderful discovery for me, the serum is really excellent and moisturizes the skin superbly. I really like its very light, non-sticky, non-greasy texture, a marvel 💚